What To Do When You Hate Your Job | 2018 Planning

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January. Possibly the most hated month in the calendar, it’s one that encapsulates everything we dread: diets, back to work, dark gloomy days, gyms that are jam packed with people who will never be seen again by the end of the month and new years resolutions, due to be forgotten come February.

But what if we look at January from a different angle… January is the month of reflection, it’s a time when we’re most likely to revaluate our lives and establish what we want to change in the coming 12 months.

"the biggest worry for most of us is "How do I find out what I should do in life?""

We hear so often of those who hate their jobs. Social media frequently portrays memes depicting depressing Monday mornings and Buddy from the film “Elf” crying into his red wine on a Sunday evening.

But what if this wasn’t the case? What if you had a job you loved, one that made you excited on a Sunday evening? A job that made you feel proud and confident, one where you feel you are making a difference and progressing your learning and development?

December and January see some of the highest rates in employment opportunities, with new positions becoming available - so what better time to rethink your career than now.

"Seeing as we spend such a large proportion of our lives working, it’s crucial we make work something we enjoy."



Here are my top tips on finding your ideal job in 2018, these are based on my experience of being on both sides of the fence - looking for a job and interviewing candidates:


  • If you haven't yet found a sector that brings you joy, it might be that you need to keep looking. I think the biggest worry for most of us is "How do I find out what I should do in life?"

    In my experience, the best thing to do is to sample a few different jobs and see what does it for you.

    My epiphany moment happened early when I was in my first job, an experience with a design agency led me to know what I wanted to do.

    But for you it might happen later on. Some people progress up the career ladder, get to the top and realise they want to jack it all in and and do something completely different, for seriously less money - because it makes them happy.

    So don't sweat it, but be open minded, go with what you love and experience as many avenues as you can before you get there.

  • Spend a few days really thinking about where you’d ideally like to be and what you’d ideally like to be doing in 2018 and beyond. Write it down as it’s easy to forget and slip back into old ways


  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, check job sites like and – see what’s out there


  • Tailor your CV for each and every role you apply to, each application has a different set of requirements. Make yourself sound perfect for the job by reflecting the position's tasks in your resume


  • Be smart with your use of business language in your CV, even the most basic of tasks can be talked-up.

    Regardless of your current job and the level you are at, there will be things you are doing that will be attractive to a prospective employer, if you use the right business terminology.

    For example, if you are a receptionist - lets say that making the tea and greeting customers is one of your main tasks, you could describe this as "Working in customer service, ensuring that client's bespoke needs are taken care of to ensure their continued business with the company" this would be a professional way of summarising your current tasks whilst indicating your benefit to the company

  • Use key words in your CV. Prospective employers receive many CVs and will mainly skim read before delving more deeply into a shortlist of candidates. Use concise business terms that relate to your skills and are tailored to the tasks outlined in the job description you are applying for


  • Don't arrive at interviews underprepared! Do your research on the company and have an answer for simple questions such as "Why do you want to work here?" I always take particular notice of candidates who have actively looked my profile up on LinkedIn. Have your LinkedIn profile set as 'public' so that your interviewer can see your name as someone who has looked them up.

    Casually drop a few friendly points into conversation with your interviewer, based on what you've learned from reading their profile. For example, "I saw you worked at ASOS, I have a friend who works there!" (only do this if the tone of the interview allows)

  • Finally, when attending interviews, stand out from the rest by taking work samples if possible. I find that these take the heat and pressure off an interview, as you have something physical to talk through in order to demonstrate your skills and to show what you participated in the project.

    If you don't have any samples to take, a notepad and pen with a few questions written can do a great job of keeping you focused whilst looking proactive and switched-on


Stuart Weitzman Boots


"Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, check job sites like and Don’t leave it until tomorrow, do it now."

I also want to add some words of encouragement to those just starting out on the career ladder, because our early jobs can be hard (if not impossible) to ever love.

I remember the first day of my first job; having to be at my desk for 8am, only to work on really rather boring tasks including keeping the tea and coffee stocked in the staff room. Being the office junior I was given every job that no one else wanted to do, none of which helped me to work towards a greater position in the company.

The only thing I learnt in that place was that if you clean the coffee machine using bleach, it turns the plastic from black to a patchy grey colour and when your boss finds out, you’re dead.

Chanel Jumbo with Reiss Coat

By day 3 in that job, it dawned on me like a punch in the face.
My years of education and sleeping-in until noon were complete. Now, until the day I retired, this was my miserable life!

"The only thing I learnt in that place was that if you clean the coffee machine using bleach, it turns the plastic from black to a patchy grey colour and when your boss finds out, you’re dead."

But fear not. What I later discovered was that this isn’t the way it will always be. True, our first jobs might be a pile of poo, but there is valuable learning you will achieve from them, grass-level etiquette you need in order to move on to other things.

So stay focused! There is a role out there for you, one that will fill you with joy. And, when you find it, you’ll know.

Happy 2018!


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  • 22 Jan 2018
  • Inori

I lost my job unexpectedly last year due to work permit issues and despite having over 10 years experience it has been hell trying to find a job at my level with my skill set. This was compounded by getting a bad reference from a former boss which came completely out of the blue and put in almost a constant state of rage. I am contemplating a career change as I am totally disenchanted with my industry as well as finding that bosses whom i worked myself to the bone for have completely gone AWOL.

I know this is temporary because all things change, however while working through the process it is exhausting

Sophie Shohet

I'm really sorry to hear of your situation Inori, I can only imagine how frustrated you must be feeling right now.

Do you know exactly what the negative reference claims about you? And do you think that's it's this reference alone that's preventing you from finding employment, or is it more related to a potentially slow job market in your field?

There are suggestions I can make on the negative reference. Firstly, you don't have to bring it to light during your job search. I'm not sure what has been said against you, or what your relationship with you manager was like - but presuming it might simply have been that you both clashed, you could either reach out to them and see if you can come to some sort of agreement. Or, you could even seek a reference from another senior colleague in the organisation whom is in a position to give reference on you.

It sounds like you are possibly fed up with this sector though, so this could possibly be a blessing in disguise! Good luck xx

  • 22 Jan 2018
  • Anna

Hi Sophie,
I've been following you for over a year now and can I just say you are absolutely inspiring to me, and the sort of kind-hearted, open person I aspire to be. For the past few months, I have been completely unhappy with my job. I work in a small business and my co-bosses are not transparent with me. They have cut my pay even though they can easily afford to keep me on what I already was on and they make snarky comments that any person with half a brain would never say. I really want to leave but the prospect of venturing out with no other job is absolutely terrifying. What would you do in this situation?
Luckily I live with my mum and I have decided this year to go back to university and get my bachelor's degree double majoring in Geography and Population Studies, with the hopes to go on and get my masters degree in Urban Planning. I hope to try to find another part-time job so I can leave these horrible bosses behind and focus on what I want to achieve.
Your videos and blog posts really inspire me and give me hope that if I work hard I can get where I want to be, so thank you so very much.

Have a good new year!
Love, Anna xxx

Sophie Shohet

Hello Anna and Happy New Year to you! I really feel for you in this situation, these people sound utterly horrible.

I was in a VERY similar position several years ago. It took everything I had to not storm out in a fit of rage, overturning the desks and screaming EXACTLY what was on my mind on the way out!!! I also had my hand forced and was made to take a 30% pay cut, which crippled me financially.

It's your call whether you walk-out, or whether you can stick it there until you find another job. I personally continued to work there as I needed the money and didn't want to let them affect me. I was glad I did in the end, when I found my dream job, the frustration of being treated badly in my final weeks was worth it to have continued taking a salary from them, albeit, a reduced one.

I think it's easier to find a job when you already have a job. It can look weird to a potential employer if you've left somewhere and are out of work. You can normally hide this for a while, but after a few months (if you're still looking), the break in your CV & LinkedIn is harder to hide (even though you are not at fault!)

Just my thoughts and experiences from a similar situation. Either way though, get your CV refreshed and get looking - you may even find you get a job super quick! Good luck xx

  • 15 Jan 2018
  • Ally

Love your motivation and career related tips :) happy new year!

Sophie Shohet

Thank you Ally, I'm really pleased to hear that! Happy New Year to you too! xx

  • 14 Jan 2018
  • Hovsep Yesayan

hello dear Sophie My name is Hovsep Yesayan, I have graduated Yerevan State University faculty of international relations. I am from armenia and so interested in UK fashion, escpeccially your fashion style. I need your help to come to London. I want to see you face to face it is my dream/

Sophie Shohet

Thank you so much for your lovely comment Hovsep and congratulations on your graduation! xx

  • 08 Jan 2018
  • Ji-Yeun Jung

Hi Sophie,

2018 is the year for changes. I am sick of my workplace for a long time, but I was unsure, what should I do instead. I am a mom of two kids (one in school, the other in kindergarten). My work has pros and cons, but the culture of the company and the kind of work do not fit to me. What do you prefer, working in an company as an employee or working as a freelancer?

I love your videos, they are fun to watch :0)

Happy New Year

Sophie Shohet

Hello Ji-Yeun and happy 2018 to you! It sounds like you are in the mood for a lifestyle change :)

Good question - the concept of being self employed is often championed as being 'the ideal', and it can be a great lifestyle (even better if your business is a multi-million Pound one! hahah!)

But, like with everything, there are pros and cons. It's liberating but (I find it to be) harder work than being in employment. Some months are busy, others are dead - so in terms of keeping the bills paid it's tough and can be scary. You also miss-out on the benefits of being employed...weekends, a guaranteed salary each month, holiday allowance...the Christmas Party :D

Freelancing is a good way to dip your toe in the water to see if you like it. But I appreciate it will be scary to quite your job, not knowing if Freelancing is what you'll enjoy.

Can you start perhaps by updating your resume, getting it out to recruiters and then see what work comes from it? If a lot comes and the day rate is good, that might be your inspiration to leave :)

Good luck! xx


  • 08 Jan 2018
  • Janet lanle

Honestly Sophie! I'm still wondering why you haven't written an ebook ? I've watched your YouTube channel for over a year now and you have some much to say on areas that affects us girls: career, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, travel. I love your personal approach to each subject matter. Happy new year and keep on being inspirational!!

Sophie Shohet

What a lovely and very complimentary comment! Thank you so much Janet <3

I am by no means an expert on any of this stuff, just think we can all help each other out by sharing our life experiences! Have a wonderful week! xx

  • 08 Jan 2018
  • Kiki B.

I follow your instagram & youtube channels regularly - you've kept me company through many mornings of doing my makeup and getting ready for the long work day ahead. I love that you're inspirational, not only through fashion and style, but also in terms of ambition, drive and solid work ethic. More than anything else, your personality and heart shines through your videos and posts, and I really appreciate the authenticity and thought behind the beautiful production. I wish we were all more exposed to people like you on social media - you're one of the few people who know how to glamourize the work behind achievement y'know? Loving 'glow-up' posts like this, and I really hope we can have more insight just like this on the career/progression/self-development angle of things in 2018. Lots of love, and here's to fabulous New Year!
Kiki B.

Sophie Shohet

Hello Kiki and thank you for such a kind and warming comment! I really am flattered that you enjoy the career/motivational elements that I talk about. I always worry they are boring! lol


Happy new year to you sweetie


  • 08 Jan 2018
  • Julie W

Hi Sophie,
Thank you for such a inspirational speech and reminding me of what I need to do. :)
I love watching your videos and getting your perspective of items and such. I think you have great style. I am originally from the UK but now I’m in the US. I miss my English fashion. I want to thank you for keeping me up to date on all the Awesome English styles you share. Thank you for keeping it classy.
Xo Julie

Sophie Shohet

Hello lovely Julie, thank you so much for joining me here! :) I really appreciate your feedback, the work related posts are my faves :D Hugs to you and have a great week :) xxxx

  • 07 Jan 2018
  • Andrea

Great post ! Thank you for sharing

  • 04 Jan 2018
  • Betty A

I just started following you on youtube because of my interest in luxury bags and shoes and I find that the way you get what you want really inspiring. I am starting the new year on a positive note. I got promoted and I love my job. But I am also yearning for more. I am looking for ways to expand myself and live the life of my dreams that includes lots of travels, going to amazing restaurants, and of course, the dream home(s) ;) I feel that there are ways to start monetizing my interests and passion while keeping my job and I am on my way to finding out how. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I wish you a beautiful 2018 :) Happy new year! xx

Sophie Shohet

Hey Betty and welcome! I really appreciate you joining me here and on YouTube :) Congratulations on your promotion, you muct be so pleased and proud! What a nice way to start the new year :) I wish you the very best of success with monetising your other interests outside of work. The hustle is half the fun :D

Hugs to you and happy new year :) xxx

  • 03 Jan 2018
  • Guadalupe Lemus

Thank you for reminding me to up date my cv and LinkedIn profile; definitely it’s on my to do list now.Best wishes xx

Sophie Shohet

Thank you so much for joining me here Guadalupe! Happy new year! xx

  • 03 Jan 2018
  • Chloe

Thank you for such a great post, Sophie. This is what I needed to read today. I have been looking for a new job for months but have no real sense of direction career-wise, and lack of experience is making it difficult for me to try something new. I'm going to stay positive and keep applying for jobs regardless, as i'm determined that 2018 will be the year I can finally get on the career ladder!
Happy New Year xx

Sophie Shohet

Hi Chloe and HNY!

I totally feel your pain, trying to get on the ladder is the hardest part. Have you done anything previously that you could put forward as experience? Anything you have been responsible for - either whilst in education, volunteering or in a part time job?

Things like being able to support and assist in administrational tasks are very desirable. Or even being responsible for groups in college/Uni. Have a think - these things can work quite well as showing experience. I hope this helps and good luck for 2018! xx

  • 03 Jan 2018
  • Estella Radivojevic

Very good advices Sophie, i wish i were younger and could use thèm all. But still very interesting also for me. Life réservés always surprises so éven if my working carrier is nearly over who knows i might want to start something completly new. Happy new year and all the best for 2018!

Sophie Shohet

Happy new year to you Estella! We're never too old or young to start or change anything. There are a great many successful people who got their lucky break after 45 years of age. Anything is possible! Hugs to you xxx

  • 03 Jan 2018
  • Mandy

Hi Sophie
Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve only just seen it on your ig post and this is probably the only post I’ll be reading round about this time as I find a whole bunch of them say the same thing that is obviously. I find your post hits more to home as you’ve done quite well for yourself and all round just consider your advice and experiences in these situation more relatable, honest and truthful.
I have been looking for a job since May last year and hoping this is the month I crack that shell as life has been very difficult and miserable but hopeful nonetheless.
After spending so much wasted time at retail job and realising my marketing and business degree is all been for nothing, I finally find myself really feedup and miserable and left the job with no choice.
Trying to get a more executive and office related job for a change is been the most difficult task of my adult life (almost seem impossible).
But surely this can’t be it.
Which is why I binge on your self development vids and others as this is something I’m very much interested in and can relate when you talk about things.
I love and respect you and your accomplishments.
Hope you have a wonderful year
Mandy @missward20 xx

Sophie Shohet

Hello Mandy and thank you for sharing your current situation.

I can relate to much of what you are saying; one job I had I sent out literally hundreds of CVs over a 2.5 year period. No matter what I did, I could not get anyone to even interview me.

Things changed very suddenly when I totally overhauled my CV and became more proactive (chasing recruiters etc). So what I'm saying is, sometimes when you're not getting anywhere - you'll have a eureka moment one day, you'll change something and the doors will start to open. This could be a change to where you look for work, signing-up to a new recruiter you haven't used before, tweaking your CV...

So keep going and don't lose your positive nature :) I can recommend Michael Page Marketing if you are looking for work in that field (you can Google them and sign-up)

Happy new year, I hope 2018 is all you want it to be xxx

  • 03 Jan 2018
  • Naomi Despaigne

I just saw your post on IG and decided to check out your post, great tips! And quite encouraging to be honest. Sometimes we feel like we don’t really know the next step we should take career wise, specially when we have a bit too many things we would like to do; it’s like getting a bit lost so writing them down and staying focused would def help. Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Shohet

Thank you for joining me over here Naomi and I'm honestly so pleased to know that you found some help from this :) You're so right on the staying focused thing, sometimes change feels like effort and it's easier to stick doing what you're doing!

Happy new year xxxx

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