My Easy Tips For Getting Your Personal Finances In Shape!

This blog post started off as being about "How to Save Money for Luxury Items" - and it's since turned into a general overview on how to get your finances into order (and buy the Chanel bag at the end of it, if that's your goal)!

The idea of logging into our online banking and seeing the truths that lie within is daunting, and most of us would rather not go there. But I PROMISE YOU - once you take the plunge, managing your finances becomes highly addictive!

"When I first began taking control of my finances, I found it shocking to see quite how much I was spending on junk! Not to mention monthly direct debits for subscriptions I’d forgotten about.

I want to share with you all, a free downloadable copy of my personal finance schedule, and a second document I created that helps me to save towards the things I want. Both documents are A5 size and so will fit nicely in a FiloFax, your handbag or your own planner. Simply print them off and get started :)

When I first began taking control of my finances, I found it shocking to see quite how much I was spending on junk! Not to mention monthly direct debits for subscriptions I’d forgotten about.

It felt really empowering to cancel-off the things I no longer needed to pay for, and take note of quite how much I was spending on lunches, coffees and PayPal (PayPal is a KILLER! All of the rubbish I was buying online!) Additionally, the trepidation and fear I felt at the start completely went when I began this task - because I was no longer in the dark about my money and I was actively tackling the things that had been keeping me up at night (this was debt!)

So if you are here to get your finances in order, here is your to-do list :)

  • Get yourself a coffee or tea and find a quiet and private spot where you won’t be disturbed
  • Using my Personal Financial Planner, write down how much you are paid per month. Then list all of your direct debits/standing orders
  • Once completed.....Are you shocked or pleasantly surprised at how much you’re spending monthly on direct debits?! Are there any forgotten subscriptions or direct debits that you no longer need and can cancel with your bank?
  • Next, I want you to create an allowance for the month for expenses such as food, transport (petrol or your train tickets), entertainment and things like getting your hair and nails done. Are there areas where you think you can reduce your costs? For example; maybe you could skip the blow-dry at the salon when you’re getting a cut or colour (I do this and it saves me £70 a month!), perhaps can you reduce your food bills by buying more frozen goods and making your lunches at home?
  • And finally, with all of those expenses removed, the amount you have left for you is made clear. it may be a little or it may be a lot! You can then choose what you do with this money.

If you have any debt, it’s best to clear this before saving, because the interest you’ll be getting charged on debt will be more than on any savings. Use my Saver Schedule Planner to work out how soon you can have your debt paid off and gone!


Download my free Personal Finances Planner here*

Download my free Personal Savings Planner here*

*To access the documents, click on the links above. Dropbox will open, if you have an account you can save it and use it from there. If you don't, you can simply double-click or hold your finger over the document image and select "Save image". The documents have been designed for you to print and use them, they are A5 size, designed to fit an A5 FiloFax or handbag.


I hope this inspires you to take control of your finances and I also hope you like the templates!xx



  • 20 Oct 2018
  • Miriam Hubbard

I like your content.
Thank you.

Sophie Shohet

Thank you Miriam for such a lovely comment!xx

  • 16 Oct 2018
  • loli pena

thank you so much for posting your video, right after the video ended, i headed over. thank you again for this, its always nice to see what other do.

Sophie Shohet

Hello lovely Loli!! Thank you for watching and for joining me here :) I hope you find the sheet helpful - it has always worked for me! xx

  • 15 Oct 2018
  • Janine

This was such a great post! I came here straight from your Youtube Video to download the Financial Planner!
xx Janine

Sophie Shohet

Thank you so much Janine, I hope you find it useful!xx

  • 15 Oct 2018
  • Mia

Such a wonderful tip and advice on finance ... Merci for sharing your great thoughts Beautiful!


Sophie Shohet

Thank you Mia and I hope you enjoy it!xx

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