Côte Noire: Beautiful Decor & Fragrance In One

I love home fragrance! My husband always jokes about how for me, lighting a candle is the final finishing touch – when everything is tidy and in its place, lighting a candle sets the scene from a scent perspective.

Cote Noire - Beautiful Home Decor

Reed diffusers are a great way of achieving long-term home fragrance. I have one by my front door and I loved the way it smelled when new, but over time (despite there being lots of the product left in the container and me regularly rotating the reeds) that scent has massively reduced.

"Created by Côte Noire, these faux flowers double as room diffusers."

While browsing for premium faux flowers, I came across a product that I cannot stop raving about. For those of you who are passionate about home fragrance, but also love beautiful décor – I think you’re going to like this!

Created by Côte Noire, these faux flowers double as room diffusers. The flowers are in fact so lifelike, that when I first opened the beautiful box they came in, the look and scent was just like a fresh bouquet.

Each flower is made from a silicone feeling rubber, with the fragrance of the flower in the rubber itself. Along with the flower, you receive perfumed oil in an atomiser that you can apply to the arrangement when you want to renew the scent.

Cote Noire Lily & Rose and Magnolia

"The flowers are in fact so lifelike, that when I first opened the beautiful box they came in, the look and scent was just like a fresh bouquet."

I purchased two; the first is Lilly and Rose and the second Magnolia. Though these are expensive, I truly believe they make the perfect gift - and would be amazing to be used at a wedding, or perhaps as Bride/Bridesmaid/Mother of the Bride gift.

I have one on my desk at home and the scent is so beautiful that I genuinely don’t feel the need to light a candle!

What do you think? Have you tried this product and if so, what did you think of it? Are there any similar products that you think are good that you want to share?


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  • 14 Aug 2017
  • Izabella T

I love the look of these thank you for showing us! How does it work though, can you buy refills for the scent sprays? Xx

Sophie Shohet

Good question Izabella! The rubber that the flowers are made from contain the fragrance anyway, but the spray can be added to increase the payoff. Looking through Google just now, it looks like you can buy the spray refills - yay!! xx

  • 16 Jul 2017
  • Christy Llewellyn

I absolutely love this idea! They look amazing! I love candles and fragrance too but I find that half way through some of my candles there's nothing left. The only ones that last are Jo Malone but so bloody expensive! I might pick up one of these. Post and let us know how they last!!
Lovely pictures!
Christy x

Sophie Shohet

I love these Christy, having used them for a while now I do find that I have to top them up with the spray quite a bit... though that could be a combination of be getting used to the scent and liking strong fragrances.

Agree with you on Jo Malone - I love them but they are very expensive. I've found a new brand however that I think I like more that JM - they are called Lower Lodge Candles - HIGHLY recommend!! xx

  • 16 Jun 2017
  • Misielka Lis

OMG are they going out of business?? I can't find anything in stock!

Sophie Shohet

I know, it's crazy!x

  • 17 May 2017
  • Esther

Lately, I am buying flowers weekly.
I guess this is a very nice alternative.
Thank you for sharing, Sophie.
Love, Esther

Sophie Shohet

They look just as good as the real thing Esther - I hope you like them if you decide to try!xx

  • 28 Apr 2017
  • Emma Jane

I purchased this product after watching your video and you are so right, everything you say! They look, feel and smell like fresh cut flowers.
I'm going to pick one up for my Mom this Mother's Day.
So unique and not a product I'd ever heard of. Thank you for sharing!
EmmaJane xx

Sophie Shohet

I am so pleased to hear this EmmaJane, I really can't get over how lifelike they are, and the smell is so beautiful!

Great idea for Mother's Day! xxxx

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