My Favourite Brands for Sustainable Fashion

Being sustainable with regards to my purchasing habits is something I’ve become incredibly aware of over the last few years.

"Sustainability isn’t just about buying fewer, higher quality pieces....being sustainable can also benefit your bank account..."

Sustainability isn’t just about buying fewer, higher quality pieces that you’ll get more wear out of (and so helping with landfill issues). But more so, being sustainable can also benefit your bank account – leaving you with more available capital to save, or put towards your own luxury purchases…be that holidays, dining out, handbags – whatever does it for you!

Sophie Shohet Sustainable Fashion Brands wearing Karen Millen

For many years I would shop from a popular High Street store, known for its very inexpensive, but not the greatest of quality clothes. I’d need to visit the store monthly, as few items lasted much longer than that. But I will confess that I was taken-in by the fact that I could walk out of the store with bags upon bags full of clothes for under £100.

It was all fun and games until I took note of the volumes of unwearable items I’d amounted... Clothes that I’d worn only a handful of times, but they’d washed badly and quickly looked scruffy. It was a false economy in the longer term.

Buying quality items meant that I started buying considerably less year-on-year. Although a blouse from Karen Millen might cost £99.00 versus H&M’s £9.99 – the Karen Millen option still looks beautiful a year later, despite multiple washes and wears.

Sophie Shohet wearing Karen Millen Pyjama Wrap Jacket

Although buying quality clothing might cost more in the shorter term, it doesn’t have to cost thousands. My personal favorite brands to buy from are Reiss, Karen Millen, Sandro, Joseph & Maje.

All of these brands have a great balance of day, work, evening and event wear.

Karen Millen x Sophie Shohet

So what do you think?
Do you think brands have a responsibility to consider the sustainability of their products?

Or do you think that if you buy from a cheaper priced retailer that you get what you pay for, and you shouldn’t expect items to last?

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  • 19 Sep 2017
  • Diana B.

Love your authenticity! Would like to know what are your thoughts on the new Chanel Gabrielle bag? x

Sophie Shohet

Thank you so much Diana! I don't love it myself, I'd overfill it for a start! I wondered if it might be one of those non-classic designs that they discontinue after a while, but my SA told me it's here for the long term. So probably good for investment, get one before the prices rise (I've heard the next price-hike is November!!) xx

  • 12 Apr 2017
  • Serena

Hi. I agree that we should buy less pieces and more quality however I own several items from many stores like h&m, morgan de toi, mango, etc. and as long as I do not wash all the time and hand wash especially knitwear, my pieces keep looking as new. I also love karen millen, bcbg maxazria which is a brand I love especially the material of the skirts which is incomparable, but I keep buying pieces that last years and years and keep looking as new. I guess it is a matter of knowing what you are buying, the materials, etc. despite the brand.

Sophie Shohet

Good points Serena! Sadly, I have never has much luck with H&M - but KM, Reiss, BCBG etc have always been good for me too. xxx

  • 01 Apr 2017
  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Love the look and style ... very classy and chic!
I believe as all brands and retailer should stand behind their product, be proud and believing in their products that they put out on to the shelves. No matter the status of being expensive or inexpensive. Understanding the quality of the product and given the amount of money we spent on a cheaper product, it does not mean that after a day of use, the item can be retired and call it a day. I have witnessed quality of clothing dropped over the years as if the manufacturer/retailer believed that we the consumer get what we paid for and we should not expect more period! It's rather sad! :(

<A HREF="HTTP://WWW.LABIJOUXBELLA.COM">????LA BIJOUX BELLA???? | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog</A>

Sophie Shohet

I totally agree Mia, I was talking in this article about one particular retailer whom you can get lots of items at a very cheap price from, but the quality is TERRIBLE! Honestly, last year I had mountains of shrunken/raggedy looking items that had survived no more than 3-5 washes (on a cold 'hand wash' setting I should say!)

The items were in fact so poor that I didn't even take them to the charity shop, as they would have been an insult. I do worry about landfill - let's hope the offending brands address these issues in due course xx

  • 01 Apr 2017
  • Haneef Davenport

I spotted Karen Millen in Bloomingdales and I really liked what I saw. Might get this blazer I saw.

Sophie Shohet

It's a pretty jacket Haneef, and very easy-wearing xx

  • 01 Apr 2017
  • Haneef Davenport

I spotted Karen Millen in Bloomingdales and I really liked what I saw. Might get this blazer I saw.

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