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Well hello there Christmas shopper! I am really glad it’s not just me who leaves festive shopping to the last minute!

I have a strategy that I’ve always followed for selecting the perfect Christmas gift. This theory works for even the smallest of budgets and will have your lucky recipient delighted.

I used to feel a great deal of pressure to spend as much as I could budget on Christmas gifts. I love making people feel happy and several years ago, I felt this was the way.

"The key to spending less and buying well is to really think about what your recipient is into. "


All to often, like many of us, once Christmas was over, it was a long slog to make it to payday at the end of January. And were those gifts appreciated any more than something with a lesser price tag?

The key to spending less and buying well is to really think about what your recipient is into. So for example, you may have a luxury-loving fashionista friend who also loves her home decor and reading - in which case, something like a beautiful coffee table book on her favourite brand could be perfect, and far less in price than trying to match her Chanel obsession!

"...perfect gifts are small in price and big in thought."


I believe that perfect gifts are small in price and big in thought. Things that your recipient could likely afford to buy themselves, but doing so would feel like an unnecessary luxury, or possibly something they hadn’t seen or considered before.

So since this is a fashion-focussed blog, I have picked 12 of my favourite gifts for Christmas. Most are under £99 and would be perfect designer dupes for luxury lovers!

Manolo Blahnik Inspired Satin Heels from River Island

Manolo Blahnik inspired red heels - £60


Chanel Mermaid Boy Bag Inspired from ASOS

Chanel ‘Boy’ inspired chevron bag - £25


Miu Miu Inspired Pink Satin Pearl Embellished Sneakers

Miu Miu inspired pink satin sneakers - £28


Chanel Inspired Vanity Case from River Island

Chanel inspired vanity case - £35


Christmas and New Years Eve Embellished Knit Jumper

A Christmas jumper that can be worn year-round - £48


Aquazzura Powder Puff Pink Heels

Pink velvet pom pom slingback heels - £530


Chanel CC Stud Earrings

Chanel earrings, prices start from £240 in boutiques*


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons Limited Edition Set

Charlotte Tilbury Limited Edition Beauty Icons Gift Set


Jord Cassia Wood Watch for Ladies

Handmade watch with iredescent ivory face - from $100


Annakate Faux Fur Pom Pom Cashmere Gloves

Faux Fur Pom Pom Cashmere Gloves - from £49


For further ideas, watch my video which also includes 6 designer gifts under £500!!




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