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As an avid viewer of many bloggers myself, I always appreciate the people I enjoy watching being straight up about things!

As such, and so that you can understand how I operate, I’ve created this section which outlines how I do things.

Before I delve in, I should add that I am required by law to follow the guidance of the UK ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).


A sponsorship is where a brand pays to have their product or service reviewed and featured, either in a blog post, YouTube video, Instagram post etc.

I am deliberately picky when it comes to sponsorships and I only do them if the brand is one I already love and have spoken about, or if after experiencing the brand, I go on to enjoy it and feel there is benefit to sharing that brand with you.

All sponsorships are honest and are done because I genuinely like what I’m showing you.

I will always ensure that sponsored/paid ADs are as obviously disclosed as possible. This includes adding “AD” to the title and description of videos, ‘#AD’ to sponsored Instagram & Facebook posts and a notice written at the bottom of sponsored blog posts to make you aware.

Affiliate links

I use affiliate links across all of my content and typically these will be a link to something I’m recommending or wearing. The links take you directly to the item in question and if you choose to buy the item, a percentage of anywhere between 2% and 15% is paid to me.

I use affiliate links in blog posts, YouTube videos and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Affiliate links are a great aid to my channels and enable me to keep doing what I’m doing.


From time to time I will receive coupon codes that I shall go on to share with my audience.

Coupons that are affiliated (i.e. I make a percentage commission on sales made using them) must be, and always will be, declared.

The majority of coupon codes I share are normally provided to me by a brand, not to pay commission, but for them to track sales internally.

Gifted Items

One of the perks of the job is that from time to time, brands will gift you items. I personally choose to declare PR goods and I will do this by either saying it in video content, and/or making reference of this fact in the description.

A gifted item from a brand does not automatically equate to a review. A review (blog or video) will only occur if I like the product or service and feel it has added benefit to my audience.


All images, text and videos seen across my channels are created and edited by me. They take me a lot of time and effort to produce and the intellectual property (IP) rights belong to me.

I do not give permission for my content (imagery, video or text) to be used or distributed on any third party sites or social channels.

In specific circumstances, where permission is sought from me first, I can grant permission for certain items to be used elsewhere.

Legal action, which may result in a monetary fine, will be sought in the event of IP being used without prior permission.

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