Summer Beauty: Wear Less, More Confidently

With it being June in just a few weeks, I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products and tips, things that I enjoy switching to when the weather warms-up.

All too often we see messages about being 'Body Ready', the dread some of us feel at the very thought of having to don a bathing suit for the beach. But what about our faces?

Sophie Shohet Summer Travel Beauty Tips
I live in London where we see the sun for about 10 days of the year (that's what it feels like anyway). Under my makeup, my skin is in pretty good condition but I look like Casper. I'm so pale in fact, I'm almost transparent.

This got me thinking; I'm so used to seeing myself in a full-face, that scaling-back the layers for the warmer months feels daunting. Catching sight of your reflection and not feeling like 'you'. But there are options, and having been ‘makeup minimal’ for 4 weeks now, I’m starting to enjoy this.

"Beyond all, I want to feel good and feel like ‘me’, but without the makeup."

Sun exposure can result in a long list of potentially negative and dangerous consequences, and I’m certainly not going to dispute that – but having returned home from a few weeks in the sun, I have to honestly say that my skin has never looked better!

Tom Ford Noir with Chanel Boy

For me, summer beauty should tick the following boxes: protect against the sun’s harmful rays (I don’t want any premature ageing, thank you!), be lightweight, easy to apply & stay-put in the heat. Beyond all, I want to feel good and feel like ‘me’, but without the makeup.

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Dare to bare: Summer Beauty Tips

Starting with this primer that also doubles as a day crème and contains SPF 50 – the Armani Prive Maestro UV combines all 3 elements in once easy dropper bottle. The product is incredibly hydrating and yet lightweight. If you have great skin and want to go without a foundation, this would be great for you on its own.

Armani Maestro UV Primer
If you want to go without foundation, but have issues you feel you want to address before you go bare – such as paleness, dark circles, acne or pigmentation – there are a number of solutions you can consider.
Firstly, if you are pale after the winter months, a good self-tanner for the face can give you the confidence to reduce or stop wearing foundation. The key is to find a tanner that doesn’t clog pores or create dryness. St Tropez I find to be excellent and reasonably priced, resulting in a natural looking tan. Try their Gradual Tan for the face, it’s honestly incredible and you can build the colour to get the depth that suits.

"try skipping foundation but use a concealer that gives you a little coverage without being too heavy."

For pigmentation, dark circles or acne, whether you are light or dark skin toned – try skipping foundation but use a concealer that gives you a little coverage without being too heavy. I like Charlotte Tilbury’s The Retoucher – it comes in a good range of colours, is medium coverage, lightweight and dries matte. A great solution for men is from Tom Ford – their concealer stick can be used to mask and perfect under eyes, as well as razor nicks.

Tom Ford Endless Summer Beauty Range
With generally less makeup on in the summer, I feel wearing a more colourful lipstick can add a playful summer vibe. I particularly like Tom Ford lipsticks – they are very hydrating on, they don’t tend to budge when things warm-up and they have a beautiful range of colours. My favourite is Casablanca – a deep nude pinky-mauve with red and brown undertones. This with some bronzer and a little mascara is perfect on a summer’s evening.

"exotic, rich, sweet and fragrant – invoking thoughts of fragrant blooms carried on a warm night-time breeze."

I also like to change the perfumes I wear, switching from woody scents to complex, fresh, fruity and uplifting ones. My absolute favourite for summer 2017 is Tom Ford ‘Noir’ – it’s exotic, rich, sweet and fragrant – invoking thoughts of fragrant blooms carried on a warm night-time breeze.

Next time you are passing a Tom Ford counter, take a moment to smell the new SS17 Portofino & Soleil Blanc fragrances – both designed for the summer months with Italian influences and both are beautiful!

Tom Ford Casablanca Lipstick


Do you have any tips for makeup in hotter climates?

If you are a full-face makeup type of person, do you know that feeling of not feeling “you” when you try and reduce the amount you wear down? What are your tips on getting around this?




  • 31 May 2017
  • Alison

I love the photos, so pretty! Thanks for sharing, I will try these tips xoxo

Sophie Shohet

Thank you Alison!x

  • 31 May 2017
  • Katheryn

Great article, really helpful. My eyes were drawn to those cuffs tho! :-o
Can you do a sworovski review and show some of their other items?
Thanks, Kat x

Sophie Shohet

I know, ordered them from the Swarovski website and the quality is really amazing. They look like they're expensive I think!

Will certainly talk more about this brand xx

  • 31 May 2017
  • Jemma

I love these bracelets! I thought they were real gold and going to be really expensive or something, but when I saw they are from Swarovski I was SHOCKED! I havent thought to shop from them in years, but will take a look now. Thanks for sharing xx

Sophie Shohet

I was the same Jemma, and I can confirm that the quality of them is so good - no scratching or the gold rubbing-off. Highly recommend taking a look at the brand. Thanks for reading sweetie! xx

  • 28 May 2017
  • Aida

Yay, was happy to see my favourite fragrance in your article! Soleil blanc by TF :) yet is not too affordable and would love to hear any cheaper but not less unique alternatives!
In addition, you may try using bb creams for summer that also have spf features, i found them really helpful! you are such a goal of a feminine but very strong woman, keep it up xx

Sophie Shohet

You have excellent taste Aida! I haven't had a chance to smell the new perfume, but I really want to. The new TF cosmetics cases are also beautiful - not sure if you've seen them? Thank you for reading and commenting! xx

  • 19 May 2017
  • Rachel

YES to the not feeling yourself in less makeup! I think i would rather get my body out on the beach than wear no makeup lol
Interesting article, i like the suggestions you make. now to look at that Casablanca lipstick...

Sophie Shohet

I'm so glad you enjoyed this Rachel. I laughed at the 'getting the body out vs face', very accurate! x

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