Mac Cinderella 2015 Collection

I stayed up until after midnight on a number of days where it was rumoured the collection would be available on the website. I eventually got lucky - VERY lucky in fact, I managed to buy most of the collection twice over (I was that obsessed!!)

Here I will give you my thoughts, some swatches - and most importantly - dupes (for those who couldn't get what they were after). Enjoy xx

Mac Cinderella Collection Review

Ok, first thing to say is - don't freak out too much if you didn't manage to bag anything. Though the packaging is amazing, a lot of the colours are from Mac's regular range. Only a few were bespoke shades as such.

....I didn't buy the brushes (WHY they didn't brand them in the Cinderella blue I dont know, given they went to so much trouble with everything else!)
I also only got one of the Fluidline colours (the taupe/black one) as I knew I wouldn't use the purply colour.

...So this review includes all items from the collection, except these :)

1. "Stroke of Midnight" Eye Shadow Palette

There are x6 shades in this palette, x5 of which are from Mac's regular range (Vapour, Phloof!, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe).
Stroke of Midnight is the only bespoke shade - on first inspection it looks like a deep purply midnight blue, with glittery flecks of red in it. When swatched it's more black.

Mix it with Quarry as a base, and Quarry's mauve tones bring-out more of the blue/purple tones in it. It's also nice mixed with the pearlescent tones of Phloof!

> Need a dupe for Stroke of Midnight? I recommend Bourjois eyeshadow in 04 NOIR PRECIEUX

2. Beauty Powder "Mystery Princess" & Iridescent Powder "Coupe D'Chic"

As with a lot of items in this collection, though pretty, I find these powders to be so, so sheer. I have swatched them and you can hardly see them.

Now I realise we're talking about what are essentially a couple of beauty powders, so you wouldnt want them to be full-on. But I think it could leave you wondering what to use these for, as they are so underwhelming...

I found that Coupe D'Chic is quite pretty as a blush. I then used Mystery Princess as a light highlighter. I would compare Mystery Princess to HourGlass' Ambient light powder...which delivers a very similar effect.

> Dupes : Mystery Princess - go with Hour Glass Ambient light in 'Mood Light'. Sweep lightly across the face and the two products deliver very similar results.
Coupe D'Chic - weird one to "dupe" this, as it's neither a blush or a highlight. When swatched it's more gold than it is pink, so I'd suggest Mac Mineralise Blush in 'Warm Soul' is a good match.

3. Lipsticks "Free As A Butterfly" & "Royal Ball"

Both lipsticks are Lustre, so expect sheer colour with a hint of iridescence.

Both are pretty hard to make out in the swatches due to their lightness. Royal Ball is slightly more nude/pink, whilst Free As A Butterfly is a pearlescent pale gold.

4. Tinted Lipglass - "Glass Slipper" & "Happily Ever After"

These are very similar to one another, and I feel, could be easily matched with colours from the regular Lipglass range.

Happily Ever After is slightly more pink, and reflects blue/gree/purple.

Glass Slipper is more nude and reflects soft pink/gold.

5. Studio Eye Gloss - "Lightly Tauped" & "Pearl Varnish"

Pearl Varnish is a pretty white colour on first inspection, but reflects pinky, purple and some blue.

Lightly Tauped is a bronzy-gold colour, and reflects golds and blue.

If you are left wondering what on earth to do with these items - I myself use a little of them when I am wanting to apply a pigment or glitter, and need a base for them to stick.

6. Pigments - "Evil Stepmother", "Pretty It Up" & Reflects Pearl glitter

The Reflects Pearl is from the regular range, so can be picked-up from the website or store. It is a pretty white loose glitter, that reflects a clean white colour.

Evil Stepmother is nice! It's a deep aubergene with sparkly purple within. Pretty It Up is an aged-bronze with multi-tonal reflective pigments within.

7. Fluidline "Little Black Bow"

In fact, there is nothing 'black' about this product, it's more of a bronzed-taupe-charcoal colour - and quite sheer at that.

I certainly struggled to apply it as a liner to my upper lid and get a nice colour pay-off from it.

Shown here on my hand - applied wit a liquid liner brush, and separatedly just with my finger.

My verdict

On the whole, the collection is pretty - and though the colours all quite sheer, I did manage to get a more dramatic look out of the products, as seen here...

As a makeup collector, I am glad I purchased what I did. Though if you like more dramatic makeup and you didn't manage to get any of this, I wouldn't be too upset. I think the packaging is probably the best feature here!

Let me know what you think, and what your experiences of using it have been xxx

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Product close-ups

Want closer details of the collection? Take a look at some of these pics xx


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