Dior's New Lip Glows | All You Need To Know

Wow, well this is not a product I would EVER have thought I’d be raving about! You see, I pretty much live in nude, matte lipsticks – I don’t especially love the shape of my lips (without a liner and full coverage lipstick to define them), so a sheer lip colour would not be something I would ever normally consider. Additionally, I would never normally wear any colour besides 'nude'. So when Dior gave me the opportunity to try-out 5 of their 10 new colours and finishes, I was skeptical as to how I'd get on.....

It's now been 3 weeks and I have worn a Lip Glow every day, with and without a lip liner. I have eaten, drunk, gone to the gym, gone to work - I've even gone to the sauna wearing a Lip Glow - so that I could see if these are as good as they claim to be.

New Dior Lip Glow Review - 10 new colours

Above: "Ultra-Pink" Lip Glow (without the lid)


A review and swatches of Dior's new Lip Glow product


"...the new shades are an expansion on what already exists and are now said to cater for every skin tone. This means that whatever your skin colour, there will be Lip Glows to suit you."


Dior’s Lip Glows aren’t new - first launched in 2009 they are in layman’s terms, an inked balm, allowing you to add colour with lip caring properties.

The formula contains what Dior call “Color Reviver” technology. What this means is that each colour reacts to the unique PH of your lips, and as such, every colour will look different person-to-person.

So why have Dior brought out new colours? What's changed? Well, firstly the new shades are an expansion on what already exists and are now said to cater for every skin tone. This means that whatever your skin colour, there will be Lip Glows to suit you.

But it doesn't stop there, whilst creating the new colours, three new formulas were discovered: Matte, Holographic & Satin.

The concept: to enable a hassle-free, natural look, with application so simple that you don't need a mirror to apply.


"...each colour reacts to the unique PH of your lips, and as such, every colour will look different person-to-person."


So, do I think they’re worth it and how did I find them?

They are all very sheer; one slick applies a lovely natural glow. Something that would be perfect for the gym, beach, supermarket… A few additional swipes and you have a colour that is buildable and more intense.

I have to say that I found this product really beneficial whilst enjoying a day at the gym and spa. I like to wear a little makeup to the gym; mascara and lipstick are my two essentials. I don't like the natural shape of my lips and so wouldn't wear a balm only, but a heavily lined lip when you have no makeup on can look weird. That's where I found the Lip Glows helpful - they added a touch of colour and definition without being as dramatic as lipstick, plus gave long-lasting hydration, even in the sauna (where I'd normally wear a balm anyway).

Dior's New Lip Glows

Left to right: Matte Raspberry, Coral, Matte Pink, Holo Pink, Ultra-Pink


Dior Lip Glow - 004 Coral

Above: "Coral" Lip Glow


Trying the matte Lip Glow was my first priority, simply because I love a matte lip. I have never known of a matte lipstick/balm before. Liking the general finish, I went on to try it with a lip liner base. The effect was perfect and the unique colour of the product was still able to shine through over the lip liner base.

The matte stayed matte, yet hydrated like a balm throughout the day – something you don’t normally get with matte lipcolours (they're normally excruciatingly dry!!)

The holographic formula I expected to feel ‘gritty’, what with there being glitter in it. But it wasn’t, and the glitter is so finely milled that it’s undetectable in terms of being able to feel it. The Holo Pink was my favourite in terms of colour and finish. I didn't expect this to be the case as I'm not a 'glitter girl', but over my lip liner the colour was a beautiful pink with a hint of iridescence to it.

The formulas all contain Mango Butter & Cranberry Oil – so they really do glide on and stay in-place with no bleeding. Additionally, if you are not used to wearing such vivid colours, please don’t be put off. None are as bright as they initially appear and apply in a very natural and subtle way.


"The matte stayed matte, yet hydrated like a balm throughout the day – something you don’t normally get with matte lipcolours."

My verdict:
An easy and convenient product to use, one that’s ideal to keep in your handbag or even in the car.

If you are someone who doesn't wear makeup, or maybe you prefer a very minimal look - this is something I'd recommend trying. It's as easy to apply as a balm, but the hint of colour is great for adding a glow to your face.

I think this product will come into its own in the spring and summer months when many of us start to wear less makeup.

As each colour swatches differently based on your own PH, I really would recommend testing the colours in-store, as what they look like on me isn’t necessarily how they will look on you. One final tip from me; if you do swatch them in-store, the colour on the back of your hand looks NOTHING like how they transform when on your lips! Just a word of warning/advice! haha!

I would say they are worth buying. Excellent quality, great durability and generally a pretty product.


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004 - Coral

004 Coral - Dior Lip Glow

Shop "Coral" here



008 - Ultra-Pink

008 Ultra Pink - Dior Lip Glow Swatch

Shop "Ultra Pink" here



101 - Matte Pink

101 Matte Pink - Dior Lip Glow Swatch

Shop "Matte Pink" here



102 - Matte Raspberry

102 Matte Raspberry - Dior lip Glow Swatch

Shop "Matte Raspberry" here



010 - Holo Pink

010 Holo Pink Dior Lip Glow Swatch

Shop "Holo Pink" here



All Shades Swatched on my Arm

(Note how differently they swatch on the arm vs lips!)

Dior Lip Glow Swatches

*Disclaimer: This article is in proud collaboration with Christian Dior Parfums.

The lip liner used in all swatches is "Boldly Bare". My foundation is No. 31 from Dior.


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  • 18 Oct 2018
  • Christine Cortes

I already owned 001 Pink and I wanted a matte with a deeper shade so I bought Raspberry online from Sephora and honestly I thought I made a mistake when I finally received it and looked at the colour. But I tried it on anyway and I loved the natural deep pink tone it gave my lips! I saw your lip swatch and it looked more raspberry in colour than mine but I love the more natural pink tone it gave my slightly darker lips. Love your work Sophie!

  • 10 Jun 2018
  • Me


I cannot decide if i should get number 010 holo pink or the original 001 pink?

What do you think? (i order it from the internet and cannot try it)


Sophie Shohet

Hello my friend! I personally prefer Holo Pink, as it's not so sheer and appears somewhere in between a satin and a matte (it's not matte at all, but what I mean is, the glitter gives it a bit of texture!) Good luck!xx

  • 19 Mar 2018
  • barbie lee

Oh wow new added shades. thinking of going back to dior again after im done with my BY terry haha

  • 24 Feb 2018
  • ZAZA

Dear Sophie

I've been watching your Vlogs for a couple of months and enjoyed them., especially your kindness and exquisite politeness . As for this particular post , thank you for showing us what is can look like in real life. Fond of the original Lipglow from Dior- and regular user- i can only say yes to a tiny touch of color. Matte raspberry (still looking for a dupe of Cacharel 'Berry/natural lips effect' lipstick that was sold some years ago , now you can guess my age!) and matte pink could be the ones ... Looking forward to seeing more posts and vlogs!

Sophie Shohet

Thank you so much for the love and support Zaza - you are so sweet, I appreciate you! These lip glows are really worth taking a closer look at. I like the holo but weirdly, it's the coral that I'm finding myself using most now. Hugs to you, have a great day! xx

  • 15 Feb 2018
  • jane

im going foor the holo pink , looks amazing

Sophie Shohet

It's very pretty Jane, really subtle glitter that adds a little 'something' without being too much xxx

  • 13 Feb 2018
  • Chloe Jane

Thank you for such a great review! I've been a long time fan of the original lip glow, so I'm definitely excited to check these out! Hard part now is deciding which colours to get haha. All of the pictures are stunning - every shade suits you so well!

Chloe x

Sophie Shohet

Hello Chloe! I get you with regards the colours - it's tricky too as they all vary in tone slightly person to person, so you need to go and try them first really. Thank you for the love and for joining me here, have a great rest of the week sweetie :) xxxx

  • 09 Feb 2018
  • Jennifer L

Hi Sophie!! I've been following you on IG for a few months now (MsIndependent4rmSeattle) & on YT, and thought it was about time I actually checked out your blog LOL. I'm so glad I did!! Knowing how much you love Dior, I can only imagine how much you've enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with them on their Lip Glow line and congrats on that!! ?? TBH, I don't wear much makeup these days and haven't worn foundation/cover-up since just after high school (over a decade ago !!!!!). When I do, it's mascara, a little gel liner on top lid or light liner on bottom lid (or both) & red lip on fancy occasions. The amount I'm wearing on my IG page is due to it being pre-photo shoot. I'll have to see where they carry this line locally for me, as I'm all for the "natural lip" balm, with a hint of color!! For the record, if the above pics are any indication of your lips sans liner, I think you have amazing lips either way!! I love your blog, and appreciate the time it takes to type out each section. I hope you have an amazing day, keep shining beautiful!! xxx

Sophie Shohet

Hello beautiful Jennifer! I know your name from IG, yes!!! Thank you so much for taking a look over here - I really appreciate it :)

OMG, I am delighted and so honoured to have collaborated with Dior on this, and it's weird - as said here, I would never have even bothered looking at this product. It's just not a formula I'm into, plus I'm so boring when it comes to lip colours - I always wear the same (nudes and taupes) lol. The raspberry is really nice as it's is a pretty colour without being so strong that you feel self-concious.

I will come find you on IG now! Hugs to you xxx

  • 07 Feb 2018
  • Lorna Chambers

Hi Soph, really helpful post, thanks. I've settled on Matte Pink but I'm also considering Lilac. I dont suppose you have this colour or have seen it and can advise on the tone? Not sure if you remember Lavender Whip lipstick by Mac - pretty colour but made you look kinda dead lol. Dont want to buy the lilac lip glow if it'll have the same effect. Thanks!

Sophie Shohet

Hi Lorna! I remember Lavender Whip - wasn't there a Nicki Minage colour that was similar too? Sort of lilac/mauve? And yes, I know what you mean about it being a hard colour to pull off! I haven't seen or tried the Lip Glow in Lilac, so I honestly can't advise. I'm really sorry - it might be worth looking in-store as they all swatch so differently anyway xxx

  • 07 Feb 2018
  • Sadia W

I am new to your blog Sophie and I have been hooked reading your posts for the last 30 minutes! I was searching for swatches of the Lip Glows and found you that way. You have a really similar skin tone to me, I have decided on Matte Raspberry and Coral. Coral looks really bright, but seeing it on you it doesn't look to bad. Thank you, your new fan. Sadia xx

Sophie Shohet

Hello Sadia! You are so sweet, thank you for your kindness and I am delighted that you are enjoying it here - that makes me so happy! :) I think you will really like the Lip Glows, the Matte Raspberry is beautiful. Hugs to you sweetie! xxx

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